You can now uninstall Chrome PWA apps from Windows 10

At Microsoft, they know they are lagging behind in the application world. This is why it has long insisted that progressive web apps run as close as possible to normal native apps. One of Microsoft’s innovations has allowed Windows users to uninstall Chrome or Edge PWAs from the Windows 10 settings menu.

Microsoft offers to uninstall PWAs on the Chromium and Chrome project

Microsoft has now moved this work to Chrome through the Open Source Chromium Project, with the note that reads:

PWA on Windows Desktop: Implement uninstall through operating system settings.

When the user uninstalls a PWA from Settings or Windows Control, it also uninstalls PWA from the browser registry.

That was a month ago, and the feature has now been featured in Chrome Canary and in the development of other versions. The process is demonstrated as a gif here.

To enable this feature, you must start Chrome with the following command line prompt: –enable-features-EnableWebAppUninstallFromOsSettings

It is likely to reach stable versions in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can download Chrome in its different versions to test this novelty in its Google browser services.

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