“You dragged us into a war where innocent people died”

Posted: Saturday June 26 2021 6:49 PM

José María Aznar’s return to the public arena has left no one indifferent. Gabriel Rufián’s reaction on Twitter was joined by another much commented on, that of Joan Baldoví, Compromís spokesperson at the Congress of Deputies.

Baldoví shares Aznar’s words and his statement to businessmen and the church after they supported the pardoned politicians. “These are days to aim and remember,” said Aznar, accompanied by Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

For the deputy, “many good people” have previously noted the name of the former president of the government. “We do not forget that you put us in a war, where innocent people died, because of your narcissism, your pathetic selfishness and your genuflection obedient to the interests of the most powerful”, criticizes Baldoví to the former president of the government.

Aznar, along with Tony Blair, positioned himself alongside George Bush in the United States’ war against Iraq, which would become the “Azores trio”. During his appearance, the former president of the government also indicted the PSOE, which he accused of having reached Moncloa by taking advantage of the 11M attacks.

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