“You hate Spain as it is”


Updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 3:24 PM

Published on: 10/21/2020 2:08 PM

The president of the government replied to the leader of Vox that his only intention in presenting the motion of censure was to “sow discord and hatred among the Spaniards” and accused him of concentrating this instrument to “distract the energies” which should ” to spread together. to the real problems of this country. “

In turn, Sánchez warned that “throughout the motion of censure” they will not enter “into any of his provocations”: “I must tell you that from what I have heard so far, it is anything but constructive. It is clear that Abascal did not come here waiting for the confidence of his lordships. “

In this sense, he said that Abascal “does not have the slightest chance of gaining the confidence of the majority of the chamber”: “And from the tone expressed, it seems he is not either very interested.

“His speech does not go beyond insult and disqualification. There was no proposition in his speech, well there was one, that’s how his ladies should be. dress in this room, then he will say that Vox is not fascism, it is style, ”he stressed.

After these criticisms, the president paraphrased Vox’s tweet in which they threatened the government to withdraw the law on historical memory: “He is not in favor of any of the proposals made by Spain. They are not in favor of the law on democratic memory, first opinion, as you say, neither of the fight against gender violence, second opinion, nor of the state of autonomies, third opinion, nor of immigration, fourth opinion ”.

“A patriot has no more than half of the compatriots”

“A patriot has no more than half of the compatriots, like you”, disfigured Sanchez the leader of Vox, to whom was also told “that he hates Spain as it is”: “What you call patriorism it is an exasperated nationalism, it is not interested in the freedom of the citizens, what interests it is the cultural homogeneity of the society and the suppression of all difference “.

The president also criticized the far-right leader for believing that “he can use Parliament as a big television for his show” since “the ultimate reason for his motion of no confidence is to divide us, to provoke us and to provoke us. to confront”.

“Mr. Abascal’s party is the party that receives the most private donations of the entire political system. The candidate and the interests behind you refute the meaning of the words this democracy has fought for for decades and decades. Words that unite, charged with emotion, words like democracy, pluralism, diversity, equality, tolerance or peace, ”he added.

“For you, democracy is tyranny and dictatorship is freedom”

Sánchez also turned to Abascal to warn him that “he misjudged his strength” because “he ignored the fact that the real Spain is represented in the chamber, as it is”: “Not as you would like it to be”.

“The majority of Spanish society rejects the path you have traced throughout your speech, which is the path of hatred. For you, the people’s representatives are squatters, democracy is tyranny, dictatorship is freedom, Europe is China. , or worse, Hitler ”, explained the president

The president of the executive indicated that “the synthesis” of the intervention of the leader Vox is that “reality goes in one direction and Abascal in the other”: “According to his remarks, we are confronted with the greatest degradation of national life; the government is illegitimate, criminal, men are no longer men because they are subject to women, barbarians are invading us, the nation is on the verge of dismemberment and to top it all a Chinese virus … “

In addition, Sánchez recovered the first sentence of Abascal’s intervention in which he assured that they were “the worst government of the last 80 years”. “The date is not chosen at random, we have to give some context and place the debate on these dates. For Abascal, this government is worse than all governments than the dictator Franco, worse than the government which bowed to Hitler, that the government which persecuted, imprisoned and executed thousands of Spaniards, ”he added.

“Abascal is a predator without values”

“As much as he provokes, we are not going to enter into his provocations. I don’t hate him, we don’t hate him, don’t believe him, we want to counter with arguments so that his constituents see that the future he is proposing is that of darkness and there are other paths. You oppose the system, you question the underlying political debate, the democratic foundations, “Sánchez made Abascal ugly.

“In January 2002, comrade Eduardo Madina was attacked by ETA. A demonstration was organized. You were then secretary of the PP NNGG there. You were already using terrorism as a political weapon”, argued the chief. of the PSOE, who described to Abascal as “a predator without values ​​and without scruples”.

Sánchez, to Casado: “You are not the beneficiary, but the target of this attack”

President Sánchez asked Pablo Casado in his speech to “vote” no “to this motion of censure” and warned him that “he is not the beneficiary of this attack, but the target”: “To proclaim that the Spanish far right has nothing to do with the Spanish right ”.

“Mr. Abascal will never have enough, they will always impose a higher test on you, you will believe that you are appeased whenever you are satisfied, but you will always ask for more, and each time you ask for more and give more, more They are going to despise them and the more they will qualify them as cowardly rights, “he warned him.

Sánchez warned him that where “he thinks he is showing strength, what he shows is extraordinary weakness.” “I invite you to stop the drift,” he settled down.

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