you have a few hours left to send your project

Today is the deadline for the presentation of the “ I Labor Compensation Awards ”: you have a few hours left to send your project

Today, February 28 at 11:59 p.m., the deadline for receiving projects for the “ I Worker’s Compensation Awards ” ends, an award aimed at recognizing and showcasing the best initiatives in the field of workers’ compensation and employee recognition in an era where benefit plans are more important than ever due to the coronavirus crisis. Social security plans, flexible remuneration, support for the physical, mental and financial well-being of workers will be promoted … as well as the way of offering them, based on digitization and flexibility, major trends in the field of compensation today.

This is the first edition of a prize organized by RRHHDigital with Compensa, Edenred, EYyPayflow, with the support of the Spanish Association of Directors of Human Resources, and they intend to become a benchmark competition in the human resources sector and, in particular, in the area of ​​compensation and benefits.

Once the deadline has been set, the jury, made up of HRD, a specialist in the Compensation and Benefits field, and business leaders, will study and evaluate the work presented and will deliver a verdict which will be rendered next April, in part of the course. a gala to be held in Madrid, the format of which will depend on the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

The works must be sent, by email, to the following email address: The email should be sent with the subject “Compensation Awards + company name”. Likewise, the author’s identification number, position, a brief curriculum vitae and a photograph will be included.

Consult the rewards rules and send us your project by clicking here!

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