“You have no idea the science”

Publication: Saturday January 9, 2021 6:55 PM

Javier Lambán, president of Aragon, sparked controversy on Twitter for this post on climate change: “In view of the images that Filomena leaves us, it does not seem that climate change will necessarily mean the disappearance of snow; last year, it was already very sumptuous with our mountains in this sense. “

Isabel Zubiaurre, meteorologist from LaSexta, said what she sees upon reading this tweet is “the lack of scientific knowledge of many of our politicians”. “He has no idea of ​​science,” Zubiaurre criticized, after which he replied to Javier Lambán.

“To start, let the president know that 2020 has been the hottest since there were records in Europe. Also, tell him that climate change is the increase in the global temperature of the planet, but that does not mean that we will always have very high temperatures. warm, but we’re going to have extremes, which is exactly what we’re going through, ”he said.

In this sense, Zubiaurre said that the weather situation we are living in Spain “is a slap in the face, showing that there is climate change, with heat waves in summer and cold waves in winter which shows that science is right and that the climate emergency is a fact “.

“It shows a lot of ignorance and is even desperate because the two degree increase in the temperature of the planet tells us that the Earth has a fever, but that does not mean that we will always be hot, but that we have a record of heat and also a record of cold “, underlined the meteorologist of LaSexta.

For his part, Javier Lambán published two other tweets after the controversy that erupted on Twitter. In the first, he assured that since his arrival in the government of Aragon, the fight against climate change has been “a priority” for him and, later, he declared that he hears “through reason, dialogue and commitment “. in a case of scientifically sensible fanaticism, to defend the future of skiing in Huesca and Teruel, essential for employment in these fields “.

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