“You have to emotionally recover the people who work on your team to save the companies”

Interview. Margarita Álvarez, Founder of Working for Happiness: “You have to emotionally recover the people who work in your team to save the companies”

Coinciding with the International Day of Happiness on March 20, and after a year of pandemic, this concept has gained special importance in businesses and for their own leaders, who must seek the “ formula of happiness ” to ensure well- be emotional about your employees. This week, in Coffee Break, the RRHHDigital television show, we had the pleasure of having in our section “A coffee with …”, with Margarita Álvarez, founder of Working for Happiness.

With her, we were able to analyze this very abstract concept of happiness, especially now, in times of a pandemic, and at a time when people feel more overwhelmed or confused by the situations of change and uncertainty that surround them.

When asked about the concept of happiness, Margarita exhibits a very remarkable curiosity, namely that it is easier to define what happiness is not before what it is. As he explains, “Throughout life we ​​have brought happiness to two bad territories:

Joy understood as happiness. Happiness is not joy and to understand the concept exclusively with this term is to make a tyranny of positivity. Happiness is compatible with sadness, with moments of uncertainty. Happiness understood as a state of nirvana. It is also an error, it is not a state as such or such a general, it goes much further.

“Before the pandemic, we looked for it in ‘having’, when in reality the concept of happiness has more to do with a certain vital tranquility, with inner peace than with joy as such,” says Margarita.

During the pandemic, from Working for Happiness, they launched a survey of their collaborators to ask them what was the first thing they were going to do when they left the cell. “They all said: going to eat with my friends, going to the theater, going out with my kids to the park … we really refer to everything that is close to us, everything that, in essence, makes us happy. pandemic she agitated us and made us see what is important ”

Live the present as an essential key to happiness

Asked about the keys to happiness, Margarita synthesized the essentials of happiness in a simple but effective recipe:

Appreciate and value the little things Think that what you do has meaning Value social relationships, which are essential for emotional well-being. “People are happier according to the quality of our social relationships”

And under these three premises, HRDs must now act to guarantee the emotional well-being of their employees. “You have to put the person at the center, not the employee. You have to emotionally recover the people who work on your team to save the company itself. Companies have to work on the emotional part or we would just leave the team. . -being “.

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