“You have to find the ‘sweet spot’ that knows how to combine face-to-face and remote activity”

“The big challenge for Spain is for the digital economy to increase its weight in GDP from 19% to 40%”

Carme Artigas, on the occasion of the closing of the ‘Aprende con EYas’ program: “We have to find the ‘sweet spot’ that knows how to combine face-to-face and remote activity”

Today, Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence and partner of the IWF, Carme Artigas, participated in the Innovation with Purpose roundtable, organized by EY and IWF, in which the need for digitization , sustainability, education and investment was discussed. in humans as the great accelerators of recovery.

The event on the occasion of the closing of the joint female leadership program “Learn with #EYas” was opened by Pilar Girn, President of the IWF and Hildur Eir Jonsdottir, Partner responsible for the insurance of EY Espaa, also a partner of the IWF, who stressed that “after the difficult months that we have been through the pandemic, it is time to take a new step and move forward on how digitization, sustainability as well as the management of people can help us innovate with purpose and accelerate the recovery of our economy “

In his speech on digitization, Artigas underlined that “the big challenge for Spain is that the digital economy increases its weight in the Spanish GDP from 19% to 40%”. To achieve this, a third of the funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan are devoted to digitization, with four priority sectors: digital tourism; technological agro-food; health and mobility, including technologies such as the autonomous car.

As he explained, if we compare it with other countries in our environment, Spain approves with a note in aspects such as connectivity and digital administration, but, in the opinion of Artigas, we need to strengthen digital skills in citizenship and digitization of SMEs. “The main challenge for SMEs is to foster cultural change, the three big differences between an SME and a startup are their culture, their capacity to innovate and their capacity to evolve.”

During the panel discussion moderated by David Samu, Partner in charge of EY-Parthenon, Teresa Martn Retortillo, Executive President of Exponential Learning at IE on Education and member of the IWF, insisted that the pandemic has clearly indicated that we must fight education in a different way and highlighted the need to bet on models of micro-learning, as a great way to increase employability, taking advantage of all the digital offer. “The challenge,” he added, is for the private sector to view new micro-certificates as a relevant variable when hiring, “warns Martn-Retortillo.

In her speech, Isabel Garca Tejerina, Senior Advisor for Sustainable Development at EY, underlined Europe’s leadership in sustainable development and recalled that this issue “must be present in the decision-making of organizations at the same time. that we need to generate knowledge and apply it to innovation. “.

Finally, Pilar Girn, People Director at Telefnica Hispanoamrica, underlined the urgent need to promote more flexible, less hierarchical and more empathetic leadership – values ​​generally associated with women -, and with greater adaptability. Regarding the new post-pandemic working model, he underlines that “we must find the sweet spot that knows how to combine face-to-face and remote activity, ensuring cohesion and corporate culture in a new more social hybrid office model, which is a meeting place for creativity ”. But above all, in the opinion of the new president of the IWF, people and talents are the great accelerator of recovery and the most strategic asset of the company ”.

The Secretary of State concluded that the main lever to transform Spain “is the positive energy of this country and collective intelligence” and considers it essential to bridge the digital divide between the genders and the role of women for this digital transformation.

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