“You move a person and that changes everything. A mess”

Publication: Friday, April 9, 2021 12:24

Spokesman at the Madrid Assembly, senator, adviser? What is Toni Cantó’s future with Ayuso ?. The president of the Community of Madrid admits in an interview on Antena 3 that she “mixes up anything”. Although that makes a special comparison that leaves it all in the air. “The voters lists are like the marriage tables” and explains that when you move one, everything is dislodged.

After the incorporation of Toni Cantó to the PP in Madrid, doubts about the role he will play in the foreseeable future government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso after 4M are on the table.

The candidate for the regional presidency praised Cantó’s charisma and his way of “defending what he believes”. Ayuso says that in some events where he has coincided with him, he has seen how much the people of Madrid love him on the streets. In addition, it highlights the way Cantó defends his discourse on nationalism, which “coincides with the way we see it in Madrid”.

So the president ended up making a special comparison. For her, the electoral rolls are like the marriage tables. “You want to invite a series of people, just like at the wedding tables you have to make groups of 8 or 10, in the lists you have to put groups of 5, there must be at least two men and two women there. is parity … then you move one person and the list changes completely. A mess! », He explains. “Whoever got married understands me,” he adds.

Another landmark moment

The cough returned to do its thing with the president of Madrid. There were several occasions when Ayuso had to stop coughing, which caused interviewer Susanna Griso to become interested in the reason for this cough. “It’s allergy. Allergy to everything,” Ayuso replied, trying to play down the situation. Something to which Griso reacted with irony: “Isn’t that an allergy to one of the limbs?”.

However, this is not the first time that the President has found himself in this situation. Already in an interview on Telemadrid several months ago, he suffered a similar cough attack. On this occasion, after being tested for coronavirus, he tested positive.

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