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Posted: Friday June 25 2021 9:25 PM

The Official Journal of the State (BOE) published a decree of the Ministry of Health which removes from this Saturday the obligation to wear masks on public roads, although the importance of continuing to have one always at hand in case of change of circumstances be emphasized in outdoor spaces. .

However, the obligation to wear the mask in outdoor spaces is maintained when there is crowds and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people cannot be maintained, except for groups of cohabitants, as indicated in the Government. Failure to do so when it is mandatory, the person is liable to a fine of up to 100 euros.

Those who do not wear the mask in public transport, including on platforms and passenger stations and cable cars, are also liable to the fine, as well as in vehicles up to nine seats, including the driver , if the occupants of passenger vehicles are not. live together. In these places, wearing a mask is always compulsory.

In addition, its use is still mandatory in other closed spaces for public use, such as health centers, hospitals or libraries, as well as in closed spaces open to the public, such as supermarkets or pharmacies. And in essential services, such as the personnel of a fire station, they will not have to carry it on their guard if 80% are immune.

Should I wear a mask in nursing homes?

The government has indicated that in senior residences where more than 80% of residents have the full coronavirus vaccination schedule, residents will not be required to wear a mask, although they will need to continue to use it by the workers of the center and the people who come to visit.

And in ships and boats?

In the case of passengers on ships and boats, it will not be necessary to use them when they are inside their cabin, or outside the ship, provided that they maintain a safe distance of 1.5 meters.

Is it compulsory in large outdoor events?

Likewise, the decree also regulates the use of masks in large outdoor events, so that it will be mandatory when participants are standing or, if they are seated, when 1.5 meters of distance between them. people cannot be maintained.

According to the BOE, the evolution of the pandemic and the current vaccination coverage in Spain allow us to propose the start of a gradual reduction of some of the transmission control measures, including the elimination of masks in open spaces .

Darias remembers: always have a mask handy

Health Minister Carolina Darias had previously announced that masks would no longer be compulsory outdoors “as long as a safety distance of one and a half meters is respected”, but stressed that they should be kept handy in case these conditions are not met and you need to use it outdoors.

In addition, the minister defended that it is about a measure “prudent” and “progressive”, while recalling that the Autonomous Communities will have to adapt, because the citizens need a “understandable message”.

Galicia was one of the first communities to demand that the compulsory use of the mask be abolished, except when the safety distance cannot be maintained.

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