“You must vaccinate as if it were a war operation”

Spain has entered “fully” into the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, which will be even “more virulent” than the previous ones. This is the warning that Daniel López Acuña, epidemiologist and former director of the World Health Organization (WHO), launched on the epidemiological situation.

In this sense, he insisted on the importance of accelerating the process of vaccination against COVID-19. “You must vaccinate as if it were a military and war operation. You must vaccinate constantly and all communities will have to ask themselves whether they need to strengthen primary health care or any other complementary device,” he declared in statements to ‘Onda Basque’.

And, as he pointed out in Al Rojo Vivo, “at the rate we are going, we will not achieve collective immunity at the end of the summer”. An immunity that could be obtained with 70% of the vaccinated population. Even if this were to be achieved, he warned, “we cannot let our guard down on preventive measures”.

Regarding the epidemiological situation, Acuña stressed that this development was “foreseeable because of the laxity and the relaxation of many restrictive measures”. With the increase in infections that is recorded in many autonomous communities, he said, there will be “worrying health pressure”.

“We are in an upward trend in a good part of the Communities and, as a result, we are fully entering a third wave. We are going to have an image that will bring worrying health pressure,” he warned.

In his opinion, “some mistakes” were made by not taking more drastic measures in November, with a brief confinement to “lower the curve in November”. “The relaxation starts from ‘Black Friday’ and the contact between people intensified over Christmas, which made it a trigger for more infections,” he said.

Regarding vaccines, the epidemiologist stressed that a level of vaccination which will make it possible to see “significant changes” in the incidence will only be reached “within a few months”, even if “everything must be done to vaccinate intensively at the best rate that can “.

“The vaccination process is an organizational and logistical challenge. It must be vaccinated at the rate of five million Spaniards per month to reach 35 million, which will mean group immunity, at the end of the summer”, a- he defended. In this sense, he acknowledged that vaccination in the state started with “a little slow” rates, because “in this it is not necessary to have a vacation or a vacation”.

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