“You need to maintain consistency and resiliency when generating content and conversations”


Interview. Nacho Villoch (BBVA), “Ms Influencer for Human Resources 2021”: “We need to maintain consistency and resilience when generating content and conversations”

BY RRHHDigital, 01:30 – 06 July 2021

The seventh edition of ‘Les + Influenceurs des Ressources Humaines’ was a great success. The echoes of an exciting gala which ended with numerous recognitions are still being heard. Beyond those named as the most influential in human resources, there were also special awards. And one of them was the “HR Most Influencer” category.

In this category, the winner was Nacho Villoch, Open Innovation Senior Ecosystem Builder at BBVA, who took over from Nilton Navarro, Social Media Manager at Infojobs. Nilton was recognized as the “most influencer” of the last edition, in 2019, and was responsible for granting recognition to Villoch. “Being at the RRHHDigital gala is always an honor. Having a real physical gala again generates a lot of emotions. I am very grateful,” said Villoch.

This nomination aims to recognize the professional who, in his daily activity, has a clear role in social networks which are a true reflection of today’s society and who could not be absent from the gala. “In this very complex year, we have managed to maintain consistency, persistence and resilience in generating content and conversations. We must continue to be a part of this change and inspire others,” added the ‘+ HR Influence ‘2020.

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