“You take advantage of workers, you sell smoke”

Publication: Monday May 17 2021 19:10

The members of the Workers’ Front received this Monday amid shouts and hoots the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, and the Vice-President of the Valencian Community, Mónica Oltra. The escrache took place in Valence, at the gates of the Women’s Center, where there were moments of great tension. Activists from the group approached the area around the compound to reprimand the two leaders for their management.

As they indicated on Twitter, denounce “their easy feminism”, which they understand as “an insult to workers, a fashion in the service of the system”. The events began when, upon their arrival, several women from the Workers’ Front began to draw attention to Oltra, assuring that “she does not care about people in need and that her system does not work” . In this sense, they declared that they had already lodged “thousands of complaints”.

The tension increased when Oltra asked them not to scream, to which they responded in a louder voice: “Don’t yell at yourself? You take advantage of the workers. It’s not that you gave up. the class struggle, you never supported it. “On the other hand, they criticized the Valencian vice-president, warning that she is dedicated to” talking about symbols and trifles “, but that she does not care “reality”. And they added, “You sell smoke. It’s a shame what you do with working women.”

“You come to Casa de la Dona, you say that you care a lot about working women and then you go with Irene Montero, whose ministry is useless, only to fund the beach bars.” Precisely, a few moments later, Montero appeared, whom they immediately began to reprimand. “There is the woman from the Ministry of Equality who funds the beach bars that do nothing for women,” they shouted at him.

Already during the act, the controversy continued to be present. Several assistants stood up, insisting that none of the leaders pay attention to the workers. Although they tried to mediate to ease the situation, Montero and Oltra eventually left the room. The Workers’ Front is an ideologically situated movement to the left of Podemos, registered as a political party since 2018.

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