Young man who attacked toilets in Madrid metro used brass knuckles

Police continue to investigate the brutal assault on a toilet in the Madrid metro on July 13.

The events unfolded last Tuesday at the Alto del Arenal station, when a health worker asked a young man to put on the mask, as he was entering the wagon without him. Then he gave him a brass knuckle.

As can be seen in the video of what happened, the perpetrator hit the victim screaming “asshole, I hope you are going to die”, and she fell to the ground, putting her hand over her eye. .

The authorities requested the cooperation of citizens to identify and locate the perpetrator of the attack, who was accompanied by two other young people and was recorded by several witnesses.

The assailant entered the metro through Baunatal station at around 9:21 pm and transferred to the Tribunal at 10:03 pm. He did not validate the ticket, but his companions accessed the facilities with transport cards, which will facilitate identification.

After the event, Metro alerted the National Police and the Municipal Emergency Aid-Civil Protection Service (SAMUR-PC). The emergency services took care of the victim of the attack and transferred him to CHU 12 de Octubre, where he was operated on successfully, according to LaSexta.

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