Young people from Logroño take to the streets to clean up and repair the damage caused by the riots

Posted: Sunday, November 1, 2020 1:54 PM

A group of people took to the streets of Logroño in an attempt to clean up and repair the damage caused by the acts of violence that had taken place in the city of Riojan the night before to protest the government curfew. to stop the contagion curve of the coronavirus. In the images you can see several young people who, with trash bags in their hands and face masks, worked to restore Logroño’s best image.

The initiative was warmly applauded on social media. Especially by the president of La Rioja, Concha Andreu, who thanked the gesture and claimed the value of civility through Twitter: “You are the image of the society of La Rioja, civic and committed to the common good. that citizen Riojan, thank you! “. In the same vein, the municipal council of Logroño spoke out, praising the “example” and “attitude” of young people.

In addition, all municipal groups in Logroño City Council condemned these acts of violence, calling for citizen unity and showing their support for the town’s traders. Seven young people between the ages of 15 and 24 have so far been detained as alleged perpetrators of their participation in the riots that took place yesterday afternoon in Logroño, the town where they reside, and face charges of unrest damage and theft. with force.

Government delegate to La Rioja, María Marrodán, in a briefing, said it is expected that there will be more arrests “in the next few hours, derived from the identifications that took place yesterday and investigations” for determine responsibilities. About 200 people, including hoteliers, gathered in front of the government delegation last night, peacefully and without permission, and ten minutes later, around 150 radicals staged riots with the fire and the crossing of containers. , dismantling and looting of shops and throwing stones, flares and other objects at the police.

“The virulence was higher than expected”

Marrodán stressed that “the concentration of operations had not been communicated to the government delegation in La Rioja”, but “the national police had already been informed that it would take place and was ready to act in the event of incidents, such as , unfortunately there was “. The investigation of where the organization of this meeting came from is at an “initial” time and has a “huge” volume of material, has had an impact.

In the violent actions, in which people related to the hospitality industry were not involved, “there was a mixture of groups and people who joined in response to a certain call or alert” because “there is those who can try to channel discontent to make it a political tool, ”he said.

The delegate assured that “the virulence was higher than expected, since of the 400 people gathered, about half had a violent behavior”. For this reason, it is planned to strengthen the presence of state security forces and organs and “to be vigilant” if “more such concentrations arise”, noted Marrodán, who added that in these disturbances, seven National police officers were injured.

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