Your Phone app starts showing WiFi information and data

The Microsoft Your Phone app now lets you view your device’s connectivity icons. We’ve been talking about this feature for a long time, but now it looks like it’s reaching more people. This allows the users to know the connectivity of their device while using their PC.

Your phone will display connectivity information in Windows 10

This morning, Twitter user Florian B posted an image of the new feature in action, and it’s already rolling out to users running Insider builds.

These were finally activated for initiates after a year! #Windowsinsiders #Your phone

– Florian B (@ flobo09) January 12, 2021

This feature is a great addition for those who use Windows 10 and the Your Phone app. You can thus know the quality of the WiFi signal or the mobile network without touching your smartphone. These status indicators are located at the top corner of the sidebar in the app’s hamburger menu.

The year 2020 has undoubtedly been the best year for this app. Each month, we had new features to which were added new functions to eliminate the barriers between our computer and our smartphone. This new status indicator is currently available for Windows Insiders, and these improvements are expected to reach a stable release later this year.

We will see so little by little we see how this app integrates with more brands beyond Samsung and others. It is vital for this to have the impact Microsoft wants it to reach more smartphones.

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