Your phone gets better with two new features in Windows 10

Microsoft continues to work on the Your Phone application, with the goal of maintaining the workflow between smartphone and PC. This app is the backbone of the Windows 10 and Android productivity ecosystem. The goal is to try to do all the activities we do on the phone without taking it out of your pocket.

Thanks to Your Phone, we can access apps from Android smartphones (on Samsung and Microsoft devices), share files, sync the clipboard, make calls … However, the app still has some limitations that Redmond continues. to work to mitigate.

Your phone will start with Windows 10

One of the biggest drawbacks for those of us used to working with your phone is that it didn’t start automatically. Therefore, after starting Windows 10, we had to run the app manually. Taking into account that this is a productivity-oriented app, we find that it does not perform optimal workflow.

Now in the app customization options we find an autostart section. By enabling this option, we will save some clicks, because your phone will start automatically after the first system boot. Thanks to this, the synchronization between Android and Windows 10 will be automatic from the first minute.

Your phone benefits from two new features (phased deployment):
– News page – Starting the application

– Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) October 31, 2020

The second of the novelties is precisely a new page in which the Your Phone application will inform us of all its novelties after update. Thus, Microsoft will keep us informed of any changes that will be made in the successive updates that the application will receive.

With these changes, Microsoft is looking to ensure that users can get the most out of the application and maintain a screen-focused workflow on our Windows 10 computer. We will be watching for the next news from any of the. applications that receive the most attention from the company.

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