Your phone will integrate Android apps into Windows 10 natively

Microsoft continues to work for Your Phone to improve the integration of the Android ecosystem in Windows 10. With this in mind, we saw how one of the goals of the company was to integrate smartphone applications on PC, to use them without having to remove the device from the pocket.

The integration started with the ability to display the Android smartphone screen in Windows 10. Later it became an app launcher template from the Your Phone app. The next step is the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously to keep your work running with multitasking. However, those in Redmond will go even further.

Android apps can be resized in Windows 10 using your phone

Vishnu Nath, one of the heads of Your Phone at Microsoft, was showing off a new feature at work. The app will not only allow us to open multiple Android apps simultaneously in Windows 10, it will also allow us to adjust the window size. In other words, they will work pretty much like any other application in the system.

If this function materializes, Windows 10 could benefit from all the Android applications installed on our smartphone. Remember that we can create accesses to these applications in the Start menu of the PC and launch them as if they were Windows 10 applications. Therefore, the only difference is that we would have a small initial delay for establish connection with the telephone.

In the screenshot shared by Vishnu Nath, we can see the DoorDash, Snapchat and Samsung Health apps at the same time. Additionally, all three windows are resized to display as they would on an Android tablet. It remains to be seen which devices would be compatible with the new function.

At this time, the Simultaneous Apps feature on your phone is only supported on Samsung devices with OneUI 3.0. It will have to be seen if, apart from software limitations, hardware restrictions are found in terms of processor or RAM, which are really important for simultaneous running of Android applications.

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