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11-year-old Pakistani kid’s response to India captured the internet’s heart: Carl Rock, who has made videos about trips to India and Southeast Asian countries, meets Zakias aka Jack, 11, in Lahore, during a visit to Pakistan in Pakistan. Theismabad
There is often hate news between India and Pakistan, but now the response of an 11-year-old Pakistani child has won the hearts of the internet. YouTuber Carl Rock, who has made videos about trips to India and countries in Southeast Asia, is in Pakistan these days. Karl describes Pakistan as pre-partitioned India. During his visit to Pakistan, he met in Lahore, 11-year-old Zakias, alias Jack.

Jack and his father had a normal conversation with Carl over dinner. Meanwhile, the two chatted about the food and culture of Pakistan. Meanwhile, Carl’s conversation with Jack about India suddenly erupted. Video of this conversation was shared by Carl on his YouTube channel. He wrote in the caption of his video: ‚ÄúDuring my visit to Lahore, I met an 11-year-old Pakistani subscriber and asked him what he thought of India. This child’s response will surprise you. Jack reflects very well the ordinary man’s understanding of India and Pakistan.

‘Good and bad people are everywhere’
When Carl asked Jack what he thought of India, he replied, “There are good and bad people everywhere, we can’t make up our minds on anyone.” I have many friends in India. To Jack’s response, Carl said, “Yes, that’s right.” Carl was impressed with Jack on this brilliant answer. Jack said his father had been to India several times. About 6 years ago, his father last visited the city of Amritsar, India.

Karl is currently visiting Pakistan and often posts videos. Karl aka Rock from New Zealand came to India in 2013 and since then he has become a fan of Indian culture, people and food. He is married to an Indian and lives in Delhi. This video of him is much appreciated.

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