Youtuber Mrbeast spends 50 hours buried alive in a coffin Video Viral: YouTuber, Video Mahaviral, was buried alive for 50 hours in an underground coffin.

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YouTuber Mister Beast caused panic by being buried alive in the ground for 50 hours. The Mister remained locked in a coffin for 50 hours and had a blanket and food. Mister Beast’s act has been viewed over 50 million times on YouTube so far. Hashawington
The very popular American YouTuber Mr. Beast caused panic on social media by being buried alive in the ground for 50 hours. Monsieur remained locked in a coffin for 50 hours. People are afraid of being buried underground, but this act of Mr. Beast is fiercely seen on YouTube. Mr. Beast has 575 million subscribers on YouTube.

The entire incident of being buried underground for two days is included in a 12-minute video on YouTube. Mr. Beast’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson. In the video, Mr. Beast is seen lying inside the coffin. He talks to his friends who are outside using the device used by the hands. In one place he says, “I want to go back but I can’t turn.” Watch the viral video …

Mr. Beast had a blanket, food and a pillow
Mr. Beast cried out once while in the coffin. The camera inside the coffin recorded the entire incident. Mr. Beast had a blanket, food, and a pillow inside the coffin. Apart from that, some more important elements have been preserved. Mr. Beast said it was the most insane job I have ever done. Since this video was posted it has been viewed over 5 crore so far.

Not only that, nearly two lakh comments came up on this shocking video. One person wrote: “Crazy how Mr. Beast buried himself in the ground just to entertain us.” Another wrote that this person had given millions of rupees in donations and had traveled the world. Each video of Mr. Beast gets up to 20 million views.

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