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Social media influencers are being asked to declare Pfizer’s dose lethal. For this, they will be rewarded face to face.

Pfizer vaccine

London. In Germany and France, there have been cases of tempting social media influencers and YouTubers to reveal the Corona vaccine Pfizer. The British public relations firm was willing to pay him for the work. He was told that Pfizer’s dose should be increased as lethal. However, it was later learned that all this was being run by Russia.

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Wire connected to Russia

Social media influencers in Germany and France were offered payment by a UK public relations firm for condemning the Pfizer, coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. Mirko Drotsmann, a German critic with 15 million YouTube subscribers, says the PR agency was asked if it wanted to be part of an “information campaign” about Pfizer’s death in exchange for money. But when he wanted to know the address of the agency, his wires were found to be connected to Russia. The home address of the company’s CEO was found in the Russian capital, Moscow.

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Account made private

After complaining about this, the company’s LinkedIn profile revealed that all the people working in the company were previously working in Russia. The Instagram account was then privatized and the content on the Facebook page was deleted. Pfizer has been running a misinformation campaign since it was approved for use of the corona vaccine late last year. Russia is said to be trying to discredit Pfizer for promoting its Corona vaccine Sputnik.

youtuber pfizer pfizer corona vaccine fake news

youtuber pfizer pfizer corona vaccine fake news

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