Zafar Hilaly: 300 terrorists killed in Balakot airstrike, confession of former Pakistani diplomat

The Indian Air Force killed 300 Pakistani terrorists in the Balakot airstrike on February 26, 2019. Almost 2 years after this incident, former Pakistani diplomat and political analyst Zafar Hilali unveiled the Pakistani pole. He confessed in a live chat with a news channel that 300 people were killed in the airstrike on India.

Hilali said – 300 Pakistanis were killed
During a debate on Imran Khan’s statement on India’s surgical strike, Hilali said on a news channel that India crossed the international border and committed a war crime. 300 of our people died from it. Why haven’t we attacked India? Not because no, because we accepted that the surgical strike … limited action … O ho, look – no one hit. Brother, what is this? Why haven’t we responded to the napa-tula answer?

Emraan Khan’s speech was snapped
He said that by accepting the surgical strike, we telegraphed to him (in India) that whatever you do, we will do the same, we will not do much. No do not worry. We will not increase the stress. He questioned Imran Khan and asked what that meant.

Zafar Hilali (Source-Don)

Pakistani diplomat and panelist is Hilali
Zafar Hilali is a household name for Pakistani news channels. He often appears in media debates in favor of the Pakistani military. Hilali is said to have a deep penetration in the Pakistani army. Due to which they also have such military related information which is not just for common people. He has also served as Pakistani Ambassador to Yemen, Nigeria and Italy.

Pak’s army has not accepted the truth to this day
At the time of the Balakot airstrike in India, the Pakistani army and the government of Imran Khan denied any death. At that time, Pakistani army propaganda expert Asim Salim Bajwa even said that some of his trees were damaged in the attack on an Indian fighter plane. However, the Pakistani army then banned the entry of any foreigner or foreign media into the area for about a month, fearing the opening of the ballot boxes.

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