Zalando’s big goal for 2023

Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion and lifestyle platform, has released ‘do.BETTER’, its first annual report on diversity and inclusion. The report provides a transparent view of the company’s efforts and progress to date, as well as an overview of how Zalando plans to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for its employees, customers and partners going forward. by taking a holistic approach.

As part of this initiative, Zalando will invest 5 million euros to attract, develop and retain more women in technology profiles so that the proportion of women in technology is increased to 40-60% by 2023.

Today, women make up 17% of Zalando’s tech workforce, which is the average number of women in tech jobs in Germany. The platform recognizes that its consumers are predominantly women and, therefore, by improving this percentage, it will be able to create products that better meet their needs. The investment will be primarily directed towards the development of communities of women with technological profiles, the sponsorship of learning, promotion and mentoring programs, as well as the improvement of Zalando as an employer brand and its marketing strategy.

In the area of ​​equality, in the fall of 2019, Zalando set itself the goal of achieving a balanced representation of women and men, indicated by a ratio * 40-60% for both sexes in the top six leadership levels by the end of the year. 2023 and according to data from the do.BETTER 2020 report, this objective has already been achieved from its Supervisory Board, which is now made up of 56% women. It also shows a significant advance at the level of Senior Vice President, where the representation of women has almost doubled in just one year to reach 30% of women (+13 pp). The group of vice-presidents is made up of 22% women (+3 pp). Although the board of directors is the one with the least diversity – there are currently no women represented – Zalando has shown its commitment to meeting the diversity target for 2023 at this level as well.

“At Zalando, we strive to be a diverse and inclusive company because we believe these values ​​are fundamental to being a more successful company in the long term. But investing in promoting diversity and inclusion is not just a business strategy. , is what we need to do. Our vision is to become the starting point for fashion in Europe, and we want to include everyone on this journey. Although we are still at the start of the journey, our progress indicates that we are moving in the right direction, ”says Rubin Ritter, Zalando co-CEO.

More balanced gender representation and equal pay

The do.BETTER report also examines the pay gap at Zalando. On average, the pay gap between men and women in similar jobs is around 6% in Germany. In Zalando, it is 1%, so women earn 0.99 euro for every euro that men earn for similar work. If we compare the women and men of Zalando, whatever their role, the pay gap is 22%, compared to 21% for Germany as a whole. Much of this is because Zalando currently employs more men than women in managerial and tech-related jobs, who receive higher pay. Zalando’s goal is to further close this gap in the future.

Provide a diversified experience for customers and partners

To offer its more than 35 million active customers a more inclusive and engaging shopping experience, Zalando launched several initiatives last year. A clear goal is to diversify the product offering and to work with a diverse group of models representing all of the company’s customers.

In this regard, products for all skin tones have been added to the beauty category, clothes are presented taking into account the diversity of sizes, and Zalando has partnered with more brands belonging to members of minority groups. In fact, one of Zalando’s goals is to incorporate at least 70 black-owned brands by 2022.

On the other hand, starting this year, customers can register on the platform without needing to include gender binary information. In addition, the accessibility of all websites and applications has been improved so that customers with disabilities can navigate more easily.

Astrid Arndt, Senior Vice President People and Organization at Zalando, said: “A diverse and inclusive team is a key element of success in becoming the starting point of fashion for our clients and partners. The do.BETTER report is a doing demonstrating transparency in the different facets of diversity and inclusion and holding ourselves accountable in the areas where we aspire to positive change. We have made progress over the past year and will continue to work steadily to build a diverse and inclusive culture within our own organization, as well as for clients and partners. “

The full report for BETTER 2020 is available here. Going forward, Zalando will publish this report annually.

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