Zarzuela and Moncloa ask the King Emeritus to regularize his payments to the Treasury to prepare for his return to Spain

Publication: Friday, February 26, 2021 8:49 AM

Juan Carlos I will have to face the tax offenses he may have committed if he wants to avoid possible criminal prosecution and return temporarily to Spain. According to “El Confidencial”, the government and the Royal Household urged the emeritus to make “possible efforts” to assume all the “necessary” regularizations.

King Felipe VI and the President of the Government consider that the worst-case scenario is for the prosecution to initiate criminal proceedings. Given this possibility, Juan Carlos I made a payment of more than four million to the Treasury in a second fiscal regularization.

Regarding this second payment, sources close to the operation tell “El País” that it was made for the donation of private jet travel. These flights, worth eight million, were funded by the Zagatka Foundation, owned by his distant cousin Álvaro of Orleans.

If his return to Spain should finally take place, José Antonio Zarzalejos informs that his stay would be temporary but that he could not settle in Zarzuela. He is also expected to establish his residence in a neighboring country and not return to Abu Dhabi. Although, at the moment, neither the Royal Household nor the government considers that the appropriate circumstances exist for this.

Last December, he had already paid 678,393 euros to the Treasury, including interest and surcharges on the tax debt he had with the Treasury for the use of “Royal black” cards. An income that arose without prior requirement, so the Tax Agency did not open any file in this regard. This regularization concerned the opaque income that he used between 2016 and 2018, years when he was no longer inviolable, and which was at the head of a Mexican businessman.

Likewise, he has two other cases open to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, where he is measured: the investigation into the alleged collection of illegal commissions for the work of the AVE in Mecca in 2014 (still inviolable) and that relating to paradise companies. . prosecutors.

With these operations, the King Emeritus would open the way for them to allow him to return to Spain and avoid a criminal complaint. Juan Carlos I has already expressed his desire to return to our country and from the vice-presidency of the government, they have conversations with Jaime Alfonsín, head of the Royal House, about it.

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