zhou chengyu: 24-year-old Chinese space scientist who once again took the dragon to the moon – who is zhou chengyu, knows a woman behind the Chinese moon exploration program chang’e-5

China made history by making a successful landing on the lunar surface for the third time thanks to its Chang E-5 lunar exploration program. Not only that, China has also become the second country in the world whose flag has reached the surface of the moon. The role of 24-year-old space scientist Zhou Chengyu is believed to be the origin of the Dragon’s successful lunar mission. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying praised Zhou Chengyu by tweeting.

Zhou Chengyu was the commander of the rocket connector system

Space scientist Zhou Chengyu is from Tujia, the eighth largest ethnic group in China. He was known as the big sister of honor, although he was the youngest commander of the Wenchang spacecraft launch site of the Chang-E-5 launch site. She was the commander of the rocket connector system. The commander of this system has a major role in the launch of any rocket.

Zhou Chengyu praises Chinese social media

Zhou Chengyu’s photos remain a topic of discussion in Chinese social media following the success of the Chang E-5 lunar exploration program, launched on November 23. Chinese state media also highly appreciate his role. His talent and work is hailed on social media, describing him as the face of Chinese youth.

Chang E-5 hoisted the Chinese flag on the moon

Chinese astronaut Chang E-5’s Ascender hoisted a fabric Chinese national flag on the lunar surface just before lift-off from the lunar surface on Thursday. Explain that Chang E-5 is the third Chinese spacecraft to reach the lunar surface. Even before that, China managed to land two spacecraft on the moon. However, for the first time, China is attempting to recover one of its spacecraft from there.

The mission was launched by China’s most powerful rocket

If the Chinese mission successfully returns to Earth, it will increase their understanding of the Moon and help them settle on the Moon. The March-5 long rocket was used to bring the Chinese spacecraft to the moon. This rocket operates using liquid kerosene and liquid oxygen. This powerful Chinese rocket is 187 feet long and weighs 870 tons.

A spaceship will bring a sample of the moon after 44 years

After 44 years on the lunar surface, such a spacecraft has landed and will return from here after taking a sample. Previously, the Russian mission Luna 24 had landed on the lunar surface on August 22, 1976. Then Luna returned with it 200 grams of earth from the moon. Whereas, this Chinese spaceship will return with 2 kg of soil.

Two missions already exist on the surface of the moon

Two missions in China are already present on the lunar surface. In 2013, a spacecraft named Cheng-e-3 reached the lunar surface. While in January 2019, Cheng-E-4 landed on the lunar surface with a lander and a Utu-2 rover. It is said that these missions are still active.

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