Zhurong Rover China: Zhurong Mars Rover from China rolls on the ground: the Chinese rover has landed on Mars

Zhurong, the first Chinese rover to land on Mars, has touched the surface of the red ground. With this, the six-wheeled rover began to explore the Mars Utopia Planitia. Zhurong, who landed on Mars about a week ago, landed from its landing pad. He will map the area for the next 90 days. During this time, it will find traces of snow, monitor the weather and observe the texture of the surface.

China’s National Space Administration shared photos taken with the rover’s navigation camera. In one photo he’s just above the lander and looking towards the two ramps below. In the second photo, Zhurong’s three-legged lander is seen that landed him last week. This rover is powered by solar energy. It will work for about 3 months. It has high resolution cameras to capture and map Utopia Planitia.

China rover

Apart from that, the rover has radar that can see inside the surface of Mars. It has multispectral cameras and detectors to detect surface texture and magnetic field and also has weather monitoring equipment.

Arrival from Tianwen-1
The nearly 240 km rover arrived on Mars in the Tianwen-1 spacecraft, which launched in July of last year. Now it revolves around the orbit of Mars. The Tianwen-1 orbiter gave several photos before landing. Video was taken from Tianwen-1’s Small Engineering Survey subsystem camera, in which Mars was seen.

After that, the edge of the atmosphere of Mars was seen. The crater also appeared on the surface of Mars. The second video showed a photo taken with Tianwen-1’s tracking antenna surveillance camera. Many small surveillance cameras are installed in the engineering survey subsystem.

What is China’s mission to Mars, which the United States is also considering?

Rover on the moon

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