Zircon hypersonic missile test: Zircon missile: Tension with US and NATO countries, Russia successfully tests “Brahmastra” – watch video Russia successfully tests frigate hypersonic zircon missile Admiral Gorshkov

Russia has successfully tested its third hypersonic missile, the Zircon, amid tensions with the United States and NATO countries. Zircon is an anti-ship missile and after this successful test it is believed to be activated by next year. The United States still does not have operational hypersonic missiles. Meanwhile, the United States is furious at the missile test and has said it will increase instability.

In fact, America has 20 aircraft carriers and assault ships, and Russia continues to balance American power by making such deadly missiles. The same strategy has now been adopted by China as well. The Russian Defense Ministry on Monday released a video showing a very fast missile fired from the Russian warship Admiral Gorshkov.

The missile reached a speed of 8,600 km / h
Even before that, the Zircon missile was successfully tested three times by Admiral Gorshkov. The Russian Defense Ministry said the test was conducted in the White Sea and destroyed a ground target off the Barents Sea. He said this missile is capable of attacking at a speed of 7 times the speed of sound or Mach 7. The missile reached a speed of 8,600 km / h during the test.

In this way, the missile destroyed its target in just two and a half minutes after being fired. Russia plans to equip its military with hypersonic missiles so that they can dodge any US defense system and destroy their targets. Russian President Vladimir Putin said in 2018 that this missile can strike any part of the world and can dodge US-made defense systems as well.

Missile capable of destroying the enemy up to 1000 km
In 2018 itself, Putin threatened to equip his warships and submarines with Zircon missiles if the United States deployed its medium-range missiles in Europe. It is believed that this missile has the power to destroy its enemy up to 1000 km. Western analysts question this power of Russia but also say that it is very difficult to track and intercept the hypersonic missile.

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