Zodiac Killer: Murder used to send words with the planetary constellation, decode the code of the “ zodiac killer ” after 51 years

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Decoding of assassin Rashi after 51 years in the United States Decoding of the murder of 37 people in San Francisco in the 1970s.
The infamous American zodiac puzzle was finally solved by a team of experts from several countries. The 340-letter message was sent to the US media and police 51 years ago by the murderer. In 1969, the killer confessed to killing 37 people in the San Francisco area. This killer used astrological symbols and references in his secret messages. Since then, his puzzle has not been solved to this day.

What did the killer write in the post …
50 years after this message was sent, it was solved by American cryptographer David Oranchak, Australian software engineer Sam Blake and Belgian software engineer Jarl Van. In a message to the San Francisco Chronicle, she wrote that I think you’re having a lot of fun trying to catch up with me. I’m not what I’m told on TV shows. … I am not afraid of the gas chamber because it will send me to heaven as soon as possible.

Two things still secret in the message
However, it is not clear from this post which TV show the killer is talking about. Apart from that, the spelling of heaven written in his post is also different. In such a situation he is talking about heaven or someone else, it is not clear.

The FBI also confirmed
US intelligence agency FBI San Francisco office spokesman Cameron Polan said on Friday, “We also learned that the Rashi killer puzzle has been solved by some private experts.” The case of this murderer is being handled by the San Francisco FBI Division and our local law enforcement. We want justice for the victims of these brutal crimes.

Who was America’s zodiac killer
He was a dreaded serial killer from the United States who caused great devastation in the San Francisco area in the 1960s and 1970s. He used to spread terror among people by giving details of the plan murders and future murders to the US media through puzzles. He wanted this to be discussed in the American media, which would give him fame. However, the police never caught him.

Police complaint – there were two murderers
US police claimed the two men were murderers. Who used to deceive investigative agencies after the murder. The first suspect in the case was a man named Arthur Leah Miller. However, the police could not find such evidence to prove that it was the killer. Other than that, the other suspect suspected of being the killer was not seen by police.

Police killed several suspects during an encounter
Several suspects were murdered by US police in pursuit of the capture of the Zodiac killer. However, despite this, the main killer is still under arrest by the police. He later claimed that the police were about to pull him up, but he could not get his attention due to negligence. He claimed in a letter that once police contacted him he made a false statement to police about a man with a gun. He often made fun of the police.

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