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We continue to show new options available for Microsoft Teams. These integrations don’t mean we have to use them, but if you use or want to use Zoho Notebook now, you can do so from within Microsoft Teams.

Zoho Notebook now in Microsoft Teams

Thanks to this integration, it is possible to create, access and modify all your note cards without changing applications. Organize your note cards by creating them and associating them with notebooks. Personalize your notebook by color coding your note cards and choosing your notebook covers. Install the Zoho Notebook tab to help Microsoft Teams stay organized and increase productivity. Here’s how Zoho Notebook works in Microsoft Teams.

Zoho Notebook allows us to organize all the ideas we have in mind as soon as we think about it. Using the new Zoho Notebook tab for Microsoft Teams. Take notes, create to-do lists, capture moments, and add files and spreadsheets with the different types of note cards in Notebook. You can also access and edit your note cards without having to switch tabs.

Put your ideas in order and be more productive by creating and associating your index cards with notebooks. Move and copy note cards between different notebooks. You can also group your files and favorites to find them easily.

Personalize your laptop

Make your notebook unique by color coding your note cards. Choose from a list of hand-drawn covers or get creative and use your own image as a notebook cover. Notebook even slams us according to our theme in Microsoft Teams.

All the extras

Lock your notes with a password to protect them from prying eyes, receive notifications of your milestones by setting reminders on your notes, and find and retrieve your important note cards, all from the Microsoft Teams interface.

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