Zoom will have native support for ARM this summer

Qualcomm has revealed three important news regarding Windows 10 ARM: the arrival of the first development kit in the form of a mini-PC, the launch of the Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 and, finally, the acquisition of native support for ARM by Zoom this very summer.

Zoom joins the ARM revolution

This was announced by Oded Gal, Product Manager at Zoom Video Communications Inc., during the Qualcomm Virtual Conference:

This summer, we’ll be launching a new version of Zoom that will be optimized for Snapdragon processors, offering much longer battery life that allows the app to run much longer and users to connect anywhere. Zoom is proud to work with Qualcomm to help businesses and students connect, communicate and express their ideas.

These Windows 10 ARM devices can already run Zoom today, but they do so by emulation. While the emulation doesn’t perform badly, the app’s native compilation for ARM is best for the user. This will provide a significant improvement in application performance and energy efficiency, taking advantage of the benefits of ARM.

This news, along with the possible arrival of 64-bit emulation this summer, should make a lot of months for ARM. After the summer, and with the arrival of Sun Valley, many OEMs will launch an intense sales campaign and ARM will play a relevant role for the first time, although it still has a lot of ground to gain, especially in the middle. and the high end.

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